As readers of this blog know, I’m a huge fan of Mockingbird. The work and ministry of my good friend David Zahl and his crew is simply the best in the biz. What they’re doing is unlike anything else. These guys are super smart and savvy.

They have a passionate desire to reach both those “outside the church” and those who have been “broken by the church” with the good news that, in Jesus, God loves and forgives sinners. Their mission is to creatively connect the Christian faith with the everyday realities of life–“demonstrating and cataloging the myriad ways in which the Christian understanding of reality (what people are like, what God is like and how the two intersect) is born out all around us.” In this sense, it is intentionally evangelistic. It’s gripping, provocative, effective, and humorous apologetics.

I’m both honored and excited to be speaking at Mockingbird’s 6th annual conference in New York City in April.

I was encouraged yesterday to see the Episcopal Church highlight Mockingbird.