Monday Morning Music

Here’s a deep and dreamy groove from Route 94 to get your week off to a smiley start.

Happy Music Monday, my friends…

“My love…”

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  • Jacob Goff says:

    It is a marvelous thing and unknown to the world to teach Christians to ignore the Law and to live before God as though there were no Law whatever. For if you do not ignore the Law and thus direct your thoughts to grace as though there were nothing but grace, you cannot be saved. “For through the Law comes knowledge of sin” (Rom. 3:20). On the other hand, works and performance of the Law must be demanded in the world as though there were no promise or grace. This is because of the stubborn, proud, and hardhearted, before whose eyes nothing must be set except the Law, in order that they may be terrified and humbled. For the Law was given to terrify and kill the stubborn and to exercise the old man. Both words must be correctly divided . . .
    ~Luther, Lectures on Galatians

    “My love . . . up above . . . stay close to me.”
    ~Jess Glynne

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