Monday Morning Music

Sometimes God will use unexpected things to remind us that “all is well.” I can’t really put my finger on it but there’s something about this wordless track from Deadmau5, Pets, that has ushered in that reminder to me this morning…

  • Debra says:

    Nice :) …<

  • Joel Kessler says:

    Can I prophesy something over you really quick (yah, I’m a charismaniac). You are going to bring 3 very big movements together, and it will be because of your committment to grace. Tullian you are a revolutionary, and God’s glory shines through you by his Ultimate Mercy exuding from the power of the Gospel. You will continue to carry this message the rest of your life, and you will see great and tremendous fruit from it in regards to reconcilation.

  • Mike says:

    I know PT you would not put this out there but I being raised in south fla in Miami know this culture, in part,. you are probably called to. This is not just EDM but a world wide cultural thing! And might add that every culture on earth is represented in this vid,.

  • Paula says:

    Sometimes I don’t understand why you post some things. This falls under the realm of General Revelation. General Revelation is no comfort. Only the Specific Revelation of the Gospel. That is what reminds us all is well.

  • Jamie shin says:

    I’m in class (not as a student but more of a chaperone), and so I am unable to hear/watch the video, but I agree on your simple reaffirmation implying that God is personal just as He is creative. For me I get a similar reminding sensation that “all is well” when I drink coffee or use the restroom. 😉
    I am genuinely blessed and encouraged by your sermons on the podcast!
    Keep up the good work pastor tullian!


  • Hope says:

    I wish I could upload the video I have of my 3 year old niece dancing to Deadmau5. She is full of pure innocent joy and delight. Maybe that is how we danced in the garden. Someday we will dance that way again!
    “I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.” — CS Lewis
    Lewis greatly influenced my life for the gospel as has Pastor Tullian. The specific revelation in scripture makes the gospel known allowing me to see the beauty of Christ and grace but then it goes further and allows me to see everything else anew. I see with new eyes sunsets and mountain vistas, and music of all kinds, and movies and art, and so many other things that move my soul to rejoicing. Certainly, not everything under the sun is praiseworthy but even that which is rotten and badly broken can remind me that I am rotten and badly broken and can point to the great gospel story and the One who loves me even so. The scriptures themselves are full of images from the creation used to remind us of who God is and how he is with his people: like a mother, like a father, like a shepherd, like a groom, like a mountain, like a tree, like a wind, like a rock, like a fire and so on. Once we know the gospel and have been given hearts that believe, these broken shards, the totality of creation (aka general revelation) should whisper to us of our Father’s love, and announce to us that our groom is coming, and stir in us a longing for the once good and now marred creation to be made new. Thanks, Pastor Tullian, for reminding us that God can use any and all things to remind us of the finished-ness of Christ’s work for us.

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