Monday Morning Music

This newer track, “Don’t Leave”, by Seven Lions (feat. Ellie Goulding) is full of feeling and longing. Enjoy…

“Don’t leave…
I need you…”

  • Joanna says:

    Great song. Ellie Goulding is such a good vocalist. Loving her latest album Halcyon Days

  • Andrew says:

    Hi Mr. Tchividjian! Your blogging has been a huge encouragement to my family and I. I pray the Lord continues to grow you and use you for His glory.

    Concerning your recent posts (monday morning music) I was wondering if you had ever heard of Matthew Parker or David Thulin? They are Christians who have some great EDM stuff. I’m guessing you’ve put a lot of thought into the music you post but just a quick question for thought: What’s the purpose of music in Scripture?

    Thanks again for your heart for the Lord, keep running the race brother!

  • Jmegrey says:

    Pastor Tullian, you crack me up! Laughter is biblical.
    I absolutely love your incorporation of poetry and prose at the end of your sermons. Nothing embraces the rough edges of a heart like a good poem does, always a sweet parting.

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