Monday Morning Music

This track by Bassnectar (Feat. W Darling) has been on repeat for two days now.

Happy Monday, my friends.

“And it’s you and me
against the world now…”

  • Jmegrey says:

    PT, check out the giver in theaters. There’s a part where Jonas (the main character) hears music for the first time and it stirs something in him. If you’re not familiar with the book, it’s about a futuristic community depleted of emotions (by injections). However, one “Giver” releases memories of love, hope, music, snow, faith, etc, and the result is Life that the boy will go to lengths to release to the entire community. It reminded me of being filled with the Holy Spirit for the first time, how it’s like everything comes to a more vibrant life, including music, love, hope, even snow (or in your case the sand on the beach). And nothing the boy did got him this Life, he was just a “receiver”. Cheers!

  • Steve says:

    Hi Tullian,

    I don’t know if you respond to comments and questions here? I have a question that has nothing to do with your post today. In my own brokenness from life I have been encouraged and enlightened by the message of grace you have been teaching. On my journey in understanding that I don’t need to please God by doing xy and z I am not sure what to do with scriptures like “Draw near to God and He will Draw near to you” Or when Paul says in His letters that when you do “these things it is pleasing to God”. Or “present your life as a living sacrifice that is holy and acceptable to God”. Appreciate some further understanding on this?

    • Hi Steve, I read your question last month when you wrote it and has been on my mind ever since. I too have struggled with getting those same answers but I think that I have finally been able to “make sense” of them for myself. I’d like to share my version with you but you didn’t ask me and I am not a Pastor nor have I been to any kind of school or anything like that. Would you mind if I tried to answer? Also, I am a bit long winded. Because of that I blog my thoughts out. It would be easier for me to include your comment in a post of my own and share the link. Would that be ok?

      • Hi Steve, While waiting for your reply, I started fleshing out my answer knowing that it would take me a while to complete it. I was finally able to do so earlier this week. I did include your question but MY heart still needed to see the answers too. So, I am glad you asked. It helped me in my own faith. Of course now that it’s complete, I don’t know how I could separate your question back from it. I hope that I am not overstepping… Bless you friend. Your Sister in Christ!

  • Sam says:

    Thanks for continually sharing good stuff, thought i’d return the favor.

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